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Small business is a tough business. Research shows that the vast majority of new small businesses will end up failing. The dominating reason for this failure has been attributed to poor or faulty record keeping, resulting in out-of-stock merchandise, reckless invoicing, and lost opportunities. Don't let this happen to your business.

Inventory Management and Inventory Control must be designed to meet the dictates of the marketplace and support the company's strategic plan. The many changes in market demand, new opportunities due to worldwide marketing, global sourcing of materials, and new manufacturing technology, means many companies need to pay extra attention to their Inventory Management approach and implement efficient strategies towards their process for Inventory Control.

Despite the many changes that companies go through, the basic principles of Inventory Management and Inventory Control remain the same. Some of the new approaches and techniques are wrapped in new terminology, but the underlying principles for accomplishing good Inventory Management and Inventory activities have not changed.

The Inventory Management system and the Inventory Control Process provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment, coordinate internal activities, and communicate with customers. Inventory Management and the activities of Inventory Control do not make decisions or manage operations; they provide the information to Managers who make more accurate and timely decisions to manage their operations.

Real Profit Solutions provides businesses with a fully customized and integrated Inventory Management System. Our inventory control system goes beyond simple stock level tracking. It is a full business solution that tracks merchandise from its purchase order to the supplier all the way to invoicing and receiving payment from the customer.

Do you assemble or modify products before selling the to your customers. Our Business Inventory Control Software has built-in functionality for handling the assembly (or even disassembly) process. Find out how many assembled items you can build and which items may limit the building process.

Never have a delay in your product line again!

Do you intend to use a barcode scanner to automatically enter item numbers when you make a sale? RPS Business Inventory Management Software gives you the choice if you are using a barcode scanner and will modify its user interface accordingly.

Our Features:


Serial Number Tracking

Minimal Stock Levels
Reorder Quantities
Non-Depleting Items
Item Image

Assemble Items

Disassemble Items
Barcode Scanning
Barcode Labels
Pricing Labels
Selling Price
FIFO/LIFO Cost Tracking


Order Items
Item Sales History
Committed (pre sold) Items
Item-Specific Sales Tax
Bill of Materials
Manually Adjust Stock Levels

Customer Information:


Contact Name
Mailing Address
Shipping Address
Customer Sales Analysis
Customer Balances
Customer Payments
Mailing Labels

Vendor/Supplier Information


Phone Numbers
Mailing Labels


Sales Price

Packing Slips
Customer Returns
Shipping Costs

Custom Sales Tax Rates

Local Sales Tax Option
Payment Method
Sales Person
Payment Tracking
Sales by Sales Person Report


Purchase Order Management

Receiving into Stock
Custom Tax Rates
Required Date
Auto Order based on low quantities
Auto Receive/Accept order
Receiving Reports
Low Stock Reports


Report Layout Designer

In Stock Items
Low Stock Items
Sales Quantities by Item
Sales by Sales Person
Customer Balances
Item Details
Item Sales Analysis

Invoice Balances

Inventory Summary
Customer Sales Analysis
Purchase Order Details
Bill of Materials
Outstanding Orders
Detailed Sales List
Items by Location
Payment by Customer
Sales Tax Report
Serial Number Information

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