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Need multiple independant systems to talk to each other?

Many companies say that they want multiple systems to work together but they are not designed to. Instead many companies have to settle for features they do not want because the systems are not designed to work together. Our solutions allow systems to talk together. How perfect is that? Something that allows you to choose what you want and we take care of the details of making everything function together as if one system.

Real Profit Solutions will look at the requirements of the systems involved and develop a custom application to allow them to communicate 100% with each other. This allows you to choose the systems that work for your business and feel comfortable that everything is functioning when you are concentrating on growing your business.

One of the latest products that we created is a process that connects into a well-known shopping cart service and extracts the orders for a configurable period of time and inserts the orders into another system. The shopping cart service could not talk directly and the other system was not able to talk to the shopping cart. Real Profit Solutions created the telephone that allows the two to communicate to ensure the orders are inserted into the remote system reliably.

Do you have a shopping cart that you need to send your charged orders somewhere else? Our middleware solution is for you! Our solution is flexible to add more carts to the available list needed.

Another example of a middleware implementation of ours is our Sharp ECR communication application that allows this to talk to an external system. For more information on this solution, please click here.

It all begins with a simple process we like to call "listening to the customer". Can't believe it? Give us a call and find out.


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