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Customized Business Software Solutions

"Tired of trying to pigeon hole your business so that you can use the software you bought?"

Many companies complain that they have to buy "off the shelf" software to fit their budget as "custom software" is way out of their means. What's more, managers and owners alike feel cheated because they bought "off the shelf" and can only use 10-20% of the program as it was designed with someone else's business in mind.

Software just built for YOUR company is easier to get than you might think.

Real Profit Solutions will develop a custom application to meet your needs. No More…No Less. Together we'll develop a custom software solution that works for your business….within your budget.

We are committed to the bottom line of our clients. Let us show you how a custom software application can increase your company productivity and YOUR bottom line.

We will show you how technology can work for you in other areas of your business as well, such as marketing, advertising, promotion or managing your processes.

How do we do it?

Analyze your business potential and direction.

Track all inbound and outbound points of your business.

Predict ordering for your products.

Identify trends.

Profile customer to identify target markets.

Plan future business direction.

What are some of the sectors that we specialize in?

- Retail POS systems
- Customer Tracking & Management
- Supply Chain Management
- Loyalty Programs
- Accounting/Invoicing
- Warehousing
- Contact Software Integration
- Manufacturing & Distribution

It all begins with a simple process we like to call "listening to the customer". Can't believe it? Give us a call and find out


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