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Do you have a Sharp cash register and need to get the sales and product information from it into your system? Our windows desktop application will communicate out to all your cash registers on your sales floor on a nightly basis storing the information locally as a backup for a configured number of days. The system can then uploads the information into your system to use on a nightly basis in time for your morning reports.

Some available features are listed below:

Upload to cash register for barcode scanning of available products with
    pricing and department link
Download of sales from cash register by day and cashier
Download of product from cash register detail sales
Printing of Z1 and Z2 reports on the cash register
Error recovery on local computer at store to ensure that information is
Upload of information to your system over the Internet, FTP or other

Do you have another type of cash register or POS system you need to communicate with? We can update our process to communicate with your type of cash register or communicate the way your POS backbone needs. For more information on our middleware, please click here.

It all begins with a simple process we like to call "listening to the customer". Can't believe it? Give us a call and find out


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